As I am sure many of you realise, Purl English Knitwear is based in Oxfordshire, to be precise our studio is in the Cotswolds. Knowing that many will have read the classic book “Cider With Rosie” written by Laurie Lee (if you haven’t read it you will love it) I am sure you will know how very cold it is in this part of the world. Thank goodness we are surrounded by swathes of knitwear and not in the business of making Ice Cream !

Leading on perfectly to introduce our most recent development for Christmas 2019 – a “Long” hot water bottle - ” I’am in heaven ” you hear us sing.

These really are the most wonderful invention. Covered in wondrously soft cashmere, this fantastic Hottie can be draped around your shoulders, nestled around the small of your back or languidly lounging across your lap. Making the most wonderful gift, literally a huge warm hug for someone you love.