Working with colour is one of the pure pleasures of knitwear design. It is interesting to see how different people respond to colour combinations.
For some Bright orange and Cerise Pink will make their hearts sing, for others the colour clash jars on their senses. Here in the studio that particular combination gives us a sense of pure joy as does Pistachio Green and lilac, Yet adversely brown and saffron does the opposite (something to do with living through the 70’s apparently !)

As a small workshop, we try to be as bold with colour as we can. Thankfully we are light on our feet in a way that larger brands are not, so can be eccentrically quirky.

We are able to to offer our customers a bespoke service and can develop ideas as required.

If you have a particular colour combination that you rarely see on the high street but knows “sparks joy’ or you have had your “colours” done and know what exactly suits you get in touch. We can knit to order in your exact preferred colourway.