I for one have become a little less forgiving of the icy blasts the North wind deliver to us here in the Cotswolds, England. The bitter cold and I do not mix. Last night, here in our frost pocket in a frost pocket, secreted away in a valley surrounded by breathtaking scenery, the temperature plummeted to -9 degrees. As I sit here blogging I am wrapped up in layers and layers of knitted wooly loveliness, topped off with a cashmere scarf, not particularly elegant but by goodness toasty !

When I was younger, my favourite precipitation was snow. One year, in the early 1970’s my grandfather bought my two brothers and I a pair of skis each. We had such fun, even though there was barely an inch of snow to practice in. I have no memory of the freezing temperature, just rosy cheeks, much hilarity and the beginnings of a lifetime love of Alpine Sporting. Somehow though snow here at home has become a bit more of an inconvenience, an endurance test.

Here at the Purl English Studio we develop and produce ranges of knitted cashmere, the perfect occupation for outdoor sports lovers, not only do we get to enjoy the development of samples pre-production we also get to road-test them too.

Our Pure Cashmere snood has become a fixture on my own accessory list, it is wonderfully practical as well as being a cashmere indulgence. There is a generous amount of cashmere to layer, whether wearing as a slouchy hat or as a snood.If a skier, it can also be worn as a balaclava, invaluable when ascending up to the mountain top on a chair lift.

Stay warm this Winter.
Do you have a “must have” Winter accessory, we would love to hear what it is.

cashmere snood hat