Within a matter of weeks, here in the Cotswold countryside our day-to-day life has altered beyond all recognition. The pause button has been pressed. Corona-virus has caused us to shut up our doors and stay home. We at Purl English continue to work, Kitchen tables once again in use developing next seasons’ ideas.

The country lane outside is quiet except for the occasional dog walker.
As Mankind has retreated – Nature accelerates

Living in the middle of so much nature, there is comfort in the passing of the seasons, the passage of time here is punctuated by the arrival of natures’ seasonal favourites – the snowdrops have been and gone, now we have daffodils, wood anemones and wild garlic.
Spring is about new life, Mother Nature is bursting through the soil as she always has. Summer will follow Spring, that much is certain.

We developed our new pure cashmere lemon teether as part of a Mother’s Day gift set, new Mums, new babies, new life.
Lemons are a true symbol of Summer, heres looking forward to the many Summers to come !