Here comes Autumn.

The first leaves are falling here in the Cotswolds. There is the smell of woodsmoke in the air. With this chill, out come all those warm woolly knits. We think this is one of the real perks of living in England.

So lovely to have proper seasons, hot sunny summer days give way to those frosty mornings. By the end of summer, here at the “Purl English” Studio we are ready for the cold weather. There has been some busyness here in the studio, making preparations for new Winter styles, which we will be revealing in the run up to Christmas.

So keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime – go toast a crumpet or marshmallow, snuggle down under a few layers of something soft and cosy – and may the spirit of Autumn be with you.
Just off to roast a few chestnuts.