From inspiration to completion… What makes the perfect unique baby gift?

A day in the life of a Purl English cashmere blanket.

From the very outset, We here at Purl English, know we are going to knit with pure cashmere, there really isn’t any other fibre that does quite such a grand job on all levels to create the ultimate baby gift.

We start with the concept stage – with our focus firmly on generating some very special baby gift ideas, we begin jotting down and drawing out various different possibilities, looking at what type of stitch construction to use, the colours, the weight of the cashmere and the dimensions.

At Purl English, we like to add a measure of hand technique which embellishes the knit and also brings in some fabulous pops of bright colour.

Once these preliminary decisions have been made, we would produce some swatches to help us see that the design would be effective and also so we can measure the gauge of the knit, allowing us to then move on to the next stage.

With all our decisions finalised and our pattern calculated – yes MATHS !! …we begin to knit the full size blanket.
At Purl English, we use hand frames to produce the main of the fabric which has to be knitted three times bigger than we actually need it – more on that later…

Once the required rows have been knitted we would then knit the embellishments – whether flags, tassels, or bunting. This part of the process can be quite fiddly and very time consuming, but we are a patient lot here at Purl English.

The fabric is then lightly milled, which allows the fabric to shrink slightly – hence the need to knit three times the size, and this compacting of the fibres adds to the overall softness and performance as a blanket.

That leaves us to stitch on the pure silk binding, which we then finish by hand, stitch on a label, then pack into tissue to be placed into one of our keepsake boxes for the lucky recipient to open.

There is a lot of thought and love that goes in to each one our Purl English cashmere baby blankets, this level of care we believe is plain for all to see, making it we believe, the ultimate unique baby gift.

The marvels of movie bring to you the myriad of processes involved in bringing our Purl English blankets to a small baby near you – now you can see what we get up to all day..!