The list of necessities for a newborn baby is in fact very short, babies need to be kept warm, well fed and dry… and of course lots and lots of cuddles. It is quite easy in the late stages of pregnancy to be seduced into buying all sorts of items that frankly you just do not need. Many on that list will be redundant after the first six months.

From personal experience, I would put muslins or a light, soft blanket right at the very top of my list. A friend of mine gave me a huge pashmina shortly before I had my daughter… it had not occurred to me that this would be of any use for my brand new baby, I mean it was cashmere for goodness sake! Yet, as I discovered this became one of my most useful items. I took it everywhere with me, fantastic for wrapping my little one up, for using to protect her from the sun on a hot sunny day, to use on an aeroplane when the air-con was a little too fierce. Once my preconceptions about washing were overcome, my cashmere pashmina became my new best friend.

Purl English, as a concept really came from that personal experience, We set out to develop a range of blankets that were superlatively soft and truly feather weight, with all the insulating properties that you might expect from pure cashmere.

We have focused on creating the perfect first gift for a newborn baby, a present that will stand the test of time , that can be considered to be an heirloom, to be kept and treasured then perhaps passed on to the next new arrival.