Those first few months with a new baby – although magical and precious, can be extremely tiring and a rollercoaster ride of mixed emotion. All routines go out the window and the day blurs into night and back. Sleep is a priceless commodity for a new mother. Advice is to get it whenever you can, grab a nap when the baby sleeps – and try not to be too rigid at clinging to the old concept of night – time and day – time, babies are on 24 hour time..!

Here at Purl English, a lot of our product is designed with the sleep evolution of a baby in mind. We design blankets and comforters with the idea that if you can promote self-soothing in a baby , then the newest member of the family is more likely to fall back to sleep on their own – thus mum and dad are less likely to be disturbed. We use pure silk bindings on our cashmere blankets and blankies, which, as previous generations of mothers will vouch is a tried and tested way to help soothe babies back to sleep. The knitted structures that we use are akin to the cellular blanket, keeping baby from overheating or from getting too cold.

The Purl English “New Mother and Baby cashmere gift set” has been developed especially with the focus on “sleep” – included is one of our “Little Bear” pure cashmere comforters, a slumber – enhancing lavender scented soy wax candle and an eye mask handmade from cashmere and pure silk.

Undoubtedly, this collection of sumptuous goodies will not only help promote “sleep sweet sleep”, but will provide a life long soft cashmere friend for junior and treat mummy with some practical luxury too and boy does she deserve it…!

Sweet dreams to one and all.

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