Well you have had the baby, You have got through the first month without a manual, You are still on speaking terms with those closest to you (just)
…and next on the list is the official “Name the Baby “ Party ! x

Whether it’s a traditional Christening or a more relaxed Naming Day celebration will depend on your religious beliefs.

If you are believers in the Christian faith, you will naturally want your baby to be christened. Organisation will involve having a chat with your local vicar and deciding on a date.

If you are new to an area your local church may ask you to attend for a few weeks prior to the Christening to become a little more familiar with your congregation. Christenings are held on Sundays as a normal part of the service. How many expected guests and the choice of godparents need to be decided on.

There is a shift though amongst the religiously minded to allow children to come to their own conclusions later on in life and mindfully choose to become a Christian, in which case it is possible to have a blessing instead. (Details available on the Church Of England website.)

For those who would like to mark the occasion with a slightly less formal approach, the fun and flexible approach is a Naming ceremony. A great way to get the family and friends together for a little bit of a “knees up’, possibly to sit around a table and feast. Instead of godparents, select “special guardians” or “supporting” adults from your family and close friends.
Make sure to have plenty of’ thank-you’ cards available, as Naming Day traditionally involves gifting….! YAY…:))

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Let the party begin …..!!! ARRIBBA