Mother's Day 2021

More so than ever, it will mean so much to reach out to those we love this year. With all the restrictions imposed by the current Covid pandemic, our freedom to visit those we love the most around us has been severely impeded.

Within our range, we have been actively developing ideas to send through the post, to send heart felt sentiment straight to where it is needed the most.

A sweet and fun addition to our range is the ” Bear Hug in a Box “. A bear shaped, pocket-handkerchief sized square of pure cashmere with outstretched paws. Email us to find out more.
Our New Mother’s poncho and “With love ” Bunny is available here, a practical and luxurious gift for a new mum, wrap her up with a warm, cosy swathe of the finest cashmere, the set also includes a cashmere bunny with a heart shaped bobtail.

cashmere poncho gift set

Hopefully we will be able to spend quality time with family and friends over the Summer, let’s raise a glass to that! In the mean time, why not send some love through the post.