In the run up to the Country Living Christmas Fair in Islington, we are delighted to have been featured in Country Living’s “Meet The Maker” series.

“Purl studied at Leeds University and learned her trade there, in the old weaving and knitting sheds, with tutors still wearing their flat caps after having spent their working lives in the Yorkshire mills. She fondly recalls their grit to this day, especially as it contrasted spectacularly with the flamboyance of the fashion world she later became immersed in, whilst working in London. Purl’s career eventually took her to Italy. For a while she lived in Rome where she met a pair of sisters who hand-painted their own silk dresses and sold them in a small boutique by the sea. Thus the seed was planted that would lead her to produce her own simple ranges of textiles, and sell them directly to the customer.

Twelve years ago, after the birth of her daughter, Purl moved to the Cotswolds and it was there that she established her business, in an area that has a rich history, intertwined with woollen mills. Today, Purl designs and knit all elements in the Purl English collection using pure cashmere, mostly knitting the fabric on hand frames and then embellishing with hand embroidery and hand knitting techniques. Her company retails beautiful cashmere baby and child clothing; Purl is especially proud of her range of baby blankets which have been designed to be as light as possible and are finished with gorgeous silk bound edges. Currently Purl is growing her range to include hats, scarves, slippers and soft toys, all designed and produced in the Cotswolds.

‘My aim is to create items that are as special and personal as possible. Items that are beautifully made and make it simpler for my customers to give original gifts.’ Purl English

Discover Purl’s delicate collection on stand MB19.”