In this modern age of fast food and even faster fashion there is enormous satisfaction knowing that here at Purl English Cashmere we are embracing the idea of slow sustainable making.
Our Purl English Collection is completely ” Made By Hand “.

It is hugely important to us that we know the provenance of each and every one of our components, that we have a direct and long term supplier of cashmere, who we trust will not fail to deliver to us the very best quality yarn.

Each item in our range is created from scratch, knitting first the cashmere fabric and then expertly crafting each item in the creation of Heirloom originals.

There is something rather wonderful about knowing each “Mrs Bunny Comforter” has a slightly different embroidered face, almost giving each a unique personality and that the tufty spots on our popular baby blankets are never in exactly the same place. The cashmere fabric itself is made in a way that creates a sense of precious individuality.

The other aspect of course with “slow” making is that the more time, thought and energy that is taken to create one thing the longer it will resonate into the future. to take time to create something will inevitably make it’s meaningful impact on the world more acute.

Enough of the theory….!
Happy Summer Holidays one and all.

cashmere bunny being made by hand