Here at Purl English we knit and Make By Hand, amongst other things, cashmere blankets for baby and small children as a gift to give as soon as they are born. We take great pride and satisfaction that our blankets envelop these new beings and protect them other first journey from hospital to home. What an honour for us.

Fast forward a few years and, as with my thirteen year old daughter, that same blanket is with her every day, on every sleepover and adorning her shoulders on her summer holidays – giving her a little warmth through the airport air conditioning and again when the hot summer sun sets and there is a slight chill in the air. I guess that is really one of the meanings of heirloom. An article whose use remains as practical as the day it was gifted. One day not to far away, I suspect my daughter will be using that same blanket for her own offspring, I won’t mention that to her quite yet.

The circularity of life – wonderful stuff.