Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is on his way …!

How lovely that the British sunshine has decided to join us this Easter Holiday 2021. Easter is a wonderful time of year here in the Cotswolds and as one of our most featured animals in our Cashmere Collections for children, we thought a little background on this most mystical of characters could be helpful.
Not mentioned in the Bible, yet a prominent symbol of Easter, The Easter Rabbit or Easter Hare originated among German Lutherans and originally played the role of a judge, a little like Santa, he had the job of evaluating whether children were naughty or nice. On the eve before Eastertide, the Easter rabbit would then make the rounds with his basket of coloured eggs and candy leaving gifts for the children who had behaved well. In the 1700s, the German immigrants that settled in Pennsylvania, USA kept the Easter Rabbit tradition alive in the form of an egg laying Hare called “Osterhase”. Children across Europe and the USA will leave carrots out for the rabbit, just in case he is hungry from all the “Hopping”

As you can see, we have quite a number of Bunny themed cashmere gift in our collection. Do have a browse through our product pages to learn more. Our most popular Bunny has been the Cashmere Bunny Comforter which our customers have come back to us for, time and time again. With all these furry friends about it’s time for us to knit a few cashmere carrots just in case !

Did you know that a group of wild rabbits is called a “ fluffle ”, that might just be my new favourite word.