Cashmere For Spring

It is Springtime here in the Cotswolds, England.
The warm winter clothing is being packed away and we are in that in-between season where the weather can REALLY catch you out, making it tricky to plan what to wear. We have just had the frostiest April here for eighty years, yet some days the sun has shone with temperatures that have ranged from sub zero to positively balmy !

“What to wear !”  We hear you cry.

This is where Purl English’s pashmina weight cashmere scarf comes into it’s very own. It is the perfect cashmere for Spring, lightweight, yet warm enough to take the edge off a chilly start to the day. Our wonderfully soft pure cashmere scarves are exceptionally warm and cosy, made from fine cashmere they are far less bulky than their Woolly equivalents and pack neatly down to tuck away in your tote or handbag.

To add to the luxurious practicality of this hard working accessory, we have designed a leather band with brass fastenings, which works with the scarf to keep it secure and cosily in place.

If gifting the scarf, there is an option to personalise the leather band, with a hand stamped Name, initials, coordinates or perhaps a special message.

Email us at to learn more about the options.

cashmere scarf on model