The comfort blanket has come a long way since it was first introduced in the early 20th century. Originally termed a “security blanket”, it was quite literally for security and used to constrain babies in their cots. Very different from their modern use today thankfully!

Comfort toys are particularly useful for babies between 4 to 6 months old and promote the idea of “not me “, helping the child to separate itself from it’s mother and making the transition to the world as an “independent self” a little easier.

There is plenty of psychological study to suggest that these objects are an important part of a child’s development and help nurture the ability to self-soothe. To be able to give solace to oneself is thought to be the foundation of such positive emotions as; joy, awe, forgiveness and generosity.

It was in 1954, that Charles Schulz’s cartoon character “Linus” brought the idea of a security blanket into our children’s nurseries and there it has happily thrived.

When the Purl English team had an opportunity to get out and about and really start chatting to people, there a is true affection for these first cot companions, with all sorts of stories to tell and the most wonderful array of nicknames; noonoo, numnum, silky, blankie, softy, bert (i kid you not), lovie and so the list goes on.

What was yours called ?