There is something really wonderful about simplicity in this age that seems to be accelerating so fast. Another Christmas is approaching at a pace and we have been preparing for the rush of orders that come with the festivities.

We have been taking our product shots, and thinking about how best to add a little holiday magic.

Our thinking has been along the lines of;
Log fires, big woolly jumpers, hot chocolate and marshmallows and waking up on Christmas morning to see a pile of packages, wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string. Fabulous!

I don’t know about anyone else but forget the ribbons, the sparkly add-ons, the silver star confetti. Brown paper will do just nicely thank you.

Our Christmas packaging this year will be as simple as simple can be, perhaps topped off with a cuddlesome cashmere “sugar plum” Mouse.

Right…. time to catch a great movie…. “Sound of music” anyone ?

cashmere fairy mouse