A quarter of twins are mirror image twins.
This means that they are, in fact, identical, but only in the way that your reflection in a mirror is an identical image of you. For example, if one twin has a mole under her right eye, the other will have it under her left eye.

Identical twins have almost the same brainwave patterns.
It is true to say that twins do think alike as research shows that they have almost perfectly matching brainwave patterns. Some think this could explain how twins know what the other is thinking and feeling.

Twins can develop their own language.
A phenomena known as idioglossia. Happening when one twin mimics the incorrect speech patterns of the other. The result sounds a little like a foreign language to others.

Fraternal twins can have very different skin colours.
A very rare phenomenon, when parents of mixed or different races have twins, they can have quite different skin colours upon birth. Fraternal twins don’t share identical genetic material, so one may inherit the genes of one skin colour, the other another.

What a woman eats can help increase her chances of having twins.
Researchers have found that women who eat dairy and animal products are much more likely to have twins than those that don’t. Possibly due to a protein called IGF that increases the sensitivity of the ovaries to hormones that cause ovulation.

So, next on the agenda – we need an order for triplets please ! Keep us posted x