You are never too young for cashmere comforts. What makes cashmere such an ideal material to wrap your little bundle of joy up in?

Well top of the list – cashmere is natural, the real deal, as natural as natural comes. Naturally hypoallergenic.

It has excellent thermal properties, without getting technical it will keep you warm if its cold outside, but because it is a breathable fabric, it will not allow you to overheat in summer.

It is truly appropriate for all climates and perfect to use all year round. Air conditioning without the plug..!

Cashmere is lightweight, but also has exceptional warmth.

Brilliant to use if you are travelling. Will fold down into a small, envelope sized package to easily carry with all your other baby paraphernalia.

Cashmere is exceptionally soft and wonderful to pamper a babies soft delicate skin.

Cashmere, will improve over time. It really does represent a good investment and will bring warmth and comfort for many years to come.

At Purl English, we have designed our cashmere baby blankets to have an open cellular structure, reminiscent of the traditional cellular blankets that our mothers used for us. Giving them even greater lightness, breathability and warmth than other woven and knitted cashmere blankets.

Feeling is believing.