We have spent some time collecting lavender and rose petals from our garden over what has been the most glorious summer here in the Cotswolds.

The plan is to use these marvellous smelling flowers to make perfumed bags to be packaged alongside our Purl English cashmere baby blankets.

Not only will these add fragrance to your gift when it arrives at the desired destination, but, especially with lavender, will also dissuade any moth from lunching on your treasured cashmere.

Beyond all the amazing properties that lavender and rose have for our general well being, which are many, these super plants are one of the best methods of deterring the dreaded moth from your cashmere collection.

Why? Moths loathe the smell of lavender.

A well placed lavender bag or two will help prevent moths invading and destroying your cashmere, and the bonus is lavender bags look great and smell fabulous too.

If you find evidence of moth, you may find small holes or notice small white cobweb patches on your cashmere, use a solution of lavender oil to wash the inside of your cupboard, then place one or two lavender bags in between the cashmere.

Any piece of cashmere that you find has been damaged should be cleaned straight away. Moth are particularly interested in fibre that has been worn, so if you are storing cashmere for any length of time, make sure that it he’s been laundered properly.

Another great way to keep moth at bay is to disturb them as often as possible, by regularly giving your cashmere a thorough checkover and shake, you will help prevent moth from taking up residence.

For long term storage, you can put clean cashmere into one of our Purl English cotton travel bags with a lavender bag and pack away in plastic storage containers – which should keep the blighters at bay!