As part of our new Bridal Collection we have developed a pure cashmere shrug and also a pure cashmere shawl, these are knitted in 2/28’s cashmere in soft subtle tones of Swan, Champagne, Stone, Blush and Earl Grey.

These accessories are made all the more luxurious by the addition of a pure silk trim.
The cashmere fibre blending to the pure silk is wonderfully pleasing and has made these garments very popular with our customers.

To add another layer of uniqueness, we are now able to offer a Monogram to be stitched by hand onto either the shawl or the shrug. Again using pure silk, we can create a truly special, individual garment for the Wedding Day which will also commemorate the union of two people.

Please do contact us for details if you would like to know more.

cashmere bridal shawl