As a partner with a storefront on Notonthehighstreet.com, Purl English were asked to contribute to their “#Loveisreal” Valentines Campaign on Instagram. We were sent a wooden tag and asked to come up with our idea of Love and decorate it accordingly then post a photograph. This set me thinking – What is “love “actually ?
As we hurtle towards that fluffy date in the calendar, the 14th February,
known to all as Valentines Day, it occurred to me that in modern times,
Valentines Day has evolved – the annual opportunity to sell copious amounts
of chocolate and flowers has altered !
How so ? I hear you cry !
It has now become an occasion to celebrate all versions of that emotion known as love. These days, not only do we have “Valentines” – the standard reminder to man and woman that they have a unique bond, we have “Galantines” which is the celebration of love amongst the fairer sex, and Boylentines – yes you guessed it “bromance ” territory.

To really put the cat among the pigeons, I am going to throw a new one into the ring. Don’t forget you heard it hear first – “Babentines”.

So, to add to my list, I would also like to declare :
Love is… Watching that first eyelash uncurl, that soft pudgy little hand grasping onto your finger, hearing the sweet, first utterance of those two syllables “mama”,watching misty eyes focusing for the very first time on your face – the sheer wonderment of it all.

Right off to go and design our new “Babentines” collection, there might even be a little cashmere involved.